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PSE and McMaster Surveys

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Current and Upcoming Surveys

Periodically we invite students, faculty and staff to participate in voluntary, confidential surveys to help McMaster provide better services and experiences for all of its members. Current and upcoming surveys are highlighted below.

McMaster Graduand Survey

Student Events

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Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Sector-wide student Surveys

A selection of post-secondary education (PSE) sector-wide surveys that McMaster participates in are shown below. These regular annual surveys include but are not limited to the OUGS, NSSE, CGPSS, CUSC, CBIE and CCWS. The responses from surveys are held confidential, and they are analyzed and reported in aggregate by both the survey research company and IRA to benchmark measures related to student satisfaction and success against other participating PSE institutions.

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McMaster University specific Surveys

In addition to participating in PSE sector-wide surveys, IRA works with the McMaster community to design and administer McMaster University specific surveys to obtain feedback on the products and services provided by McMaster to students, faculty and staff.  IRA provides analyses and summaries of the results via Fact Sheets to enable McMaster to make response-based enhancements to the student experience and workplace environment and reveal opportunities for improvement or the recognition of success. The surveys listed below form a set of the most frequently administered surveys. As necessary, IRA also administers timely one-time surveys (not shown below) that meet a need for information at a particular time.

In-Program Survey

Undergraduate students are asked to evaluate their university experience across a number of areas, including: satisfaction with their program and courses, campus life, housing, transportation, co-op experiences, learning technology, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, finance, learning expectations, services, skills, teaching and learning, and the university application process.

Graduand Survey

Graduates are asked to evaluate their university experience and their post-graduation plans across a number of areas, including: general satisfaction, graduation delay, employment/post-graduate plan, learning experiences/outcomes, program question, skills, educational expense/debt, services and miscellaneous.

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

Alumni are asked questions about their academic and career path after graduating from McMaster and their satisfaction with their studies at McMaster. Responses are used to examine program quality and employment outcomes and identify where changes can be made to serve our students and their employers better.

Early Leaver Survey

Students who leave McMaster before graduating are asked about their experience at McMaster, their use of academic, financial and/or personal support systems, and their subsequent career or academic pursuits.

Student Census and Experience Survey (SCES)

Collects important information to help McMaster improve the accessibility, equity and inclusivity of educational and academic programs and supports. Questions are designed to understand the holistic student experience across the following dimensions of student health, wellness, and success: food security and financial health; personal security and physical safety; social connection and belonging; emotional and spiritual well-being; mental and physical health; career development; and academic success.