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Analytical Tools and Models

The reports most frequently used reports by members of the McMaster community are highlighted below. To access some of the reports while working remotely from an off-campus computer, you must first connect to the McMaster University network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Admission Prediction Tool Access the Tool

Uses historical data on admissions, confirmations, and registrations to predict admissions using either the traditional or dynamic binning methods.  Only authorized users can access this tool.

RCI Membership Access the RCI Dashboard

RCI membership data is collected by IRA in collaboration with the Faculties and Research Offices. If you wish to change or update an RCI’s membership, please submit a request.

Enrolment and Tuition Revenue Projections

Models the impact of changes to enrolment and tuition fees on university revenue in the near and long term.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics Learn More

Business intelligence (BI) Analytics provides strategic insights from analysis in support of evidenced-based decision making that is based on data from multiple subject areas .

IRA & IQAP Portals Learn More

The IRA and IQAP Portals are the predecessors of the current McMaster Business Intelligence Portal. The IRA and IQAP Portals contain many useful reports not yet available on the BI Portal.  The IQAP Portal provides IQAP reviewers access to a common dataset for all programs.


IRA prepares many analyses and reports on a range of interests pertinent to students, faculty and staff.  The majority of analyses and reports address specific questions of interest to a narrow audience and consequently only those analyses and reports with wide reaching impact are highlighted below.

Value of Living in Residence

The goal of this study was to determine if the Grade Point Average (GPA), retention to second year, persistence to graduation, and engagement of first-year students living in on-campus residence differed significantly from their off-campus counterparts.

Employment Equity

The goal of the Employment Equity Census is to provide a more complete understanding of groups that have historically faced and continue to face barriers in employment.

Government and Internal Reports

IRA provides data to government and internally to measure year-over-year changes to enrolment, degrees awarded, faculty counts, student retention and graduation, and student units taught among other reports not included below.

Enrolment View Here

Then Enrolment reports show the total number of students enrolled at McMaster University by year, faculty and plan.

Degrees Awarded View Here

The Degrees Awarded reports show the number of degrees awarded by each faculty and qualification at McMaster University.

Faculty View Here

The full-time Faculty reports show the number of full-time faculty members at McMaster University as well as the breakdown of the number of full-time faculty members by rank and appointment status.

Retention and Graduation View Here

The Retention and Graduation report shows retention and graduation data for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at McMaster University.

Students Units Taught

The Student Units Taught reports show the number of units taught by faculty, subject and course level.

Statistics Canada Data Requests

IRA responds to requests for data from Statistics Canada to help support the availability of information for degree and job seekers. A couple of reports prepared for Statistics Canada are described below.

Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs (TLAC)

IRA submits data to Statistics Canada to provide an overview of tuition and additional compulsory fees, and living accommodation costs of students in degree programs at McMaster University.

Job Vacancy and Wage Survey

IRA submits data to Statistics Canada to provide information on job vacancies at McMaster University.