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Human Resources

Human Resources encompasses Payroll, Workforce Deployment & Demographics, Hiring & Recruitment, Succession Planning and more.

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Payroll Dashboard

The Human Resources Payroll Dashboard is designed to provide users access to aggregated payroll reports, including:

  • Employee Earnings, Gross Pay, Overtime Pay, Sick Pay and Holiday Pay
  • Employee Hours Worked, Overtime Hours and Number of Employees Paid
  • Employer and Employee Deductions
  • RRSP Contributions, Pension Contributions, Tax Deducted, Benefits, Union Dues and other deductions
  • Breakdowns by VP Unit, Department, Union Group, Job, Employee Type, Employee Class, Length of Service and more
  • Year-over-year comparisons and other KPIs

The HR Payroll Dashboard does not include employee-level Labour Distribution reports. Only aggregate reports are available on this dashboard. For access to Labour Distribution reports, users are directed to use the Principal Investigator Dashboard & Research Project Statement and the Statement of Operations.

Users of the Human Resources Payroll Dashboard include:

  • Department Chairs and Administrators
  • Faculty Directors of Finance and Administration
  • Other Faculty Administrators
  • University Executives
  • Human Resources Staff

Security for the Human Resources Payroll Dashboard limits users to viewing results for only their own Department, or Departments reporting to their Department (according to the Human Resources Department Tree).

Users can view a list of Departments to which they have been granted access on the Overview page of the Human Resources Payroll Dashboard.

The following user guide describes the development history of the HR Payroll Dashboard, its contents and security. The guide also includes step-by-step guides on how to answers common questions using the HR Payroll Dashboard:

Human Resources Payroll Dashboard User Guide

To request access to the HR Payroll Dashboard, or to request access to a specific Department, please contact IRA Help.