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Reporting to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (IRA) provides leadership, advice and support for planning, policy formation, accountability and informed decision making at McMaster University.  The Office of IRA liaises with government and external agencies including: Statistics Canada, the Council of Ontario Universities and its committees, ranking agencies, the U15 Data Exchange, and the university community on institutional data and research activities.  It works on numerous government reporting activities, developing analyses and position papers to provide quantitative analysis, insight, advice and information to the senior administration, as well as works with key units and governing committees in support of multi-year planning and resource allocation decisions.  Furthermore, the Office of IRA provides a business intelligence environment that enables and maintains quick access to information, conducts surveys, and provides meaningful analysis, modelling and projections to operational units or departments.

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Not only must we reaffirm our commitment to the vision laid out in Refining Directions, to the shared purpose of our academic community, but we must also uphold above all else the obligation of the University to serve the greater good, beginning with our immediate community, our city, and extending outwards to the world at large.
- Patrick Deane

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